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Ask James: Using Star Walk 2


Hey, buddy, how are you? How was your Disney vacation? Hope you and your family are well.

I desperately need your help and advice!!!

I’m flying to the red centre of Australia on Friday for a few nights and want to get milky way and star trail shots with Uluru in the foreground. I really don’t know how to use apps to determine a good location or the right time to have the Milky Way rising above this iconic landmark.

I have Starwalk2 and would love if you could provide some advice how to use it properly! I also have nightsky but they seem to have removed some functionality from the free app!

Hope you’re able to help. Karen

Great question Karen! For those that don’t know Karen, she’s one of my favorite Aussie’s in the world, a workshop alumni (2 workshops so far) and has become a great friend as well. Photographing the Milky Way and night sky, as Karen knows from past workshops, is a completely different style of photography than shooting sunsets/sunrises. It requires unique settings for one, but it also requires some research beforehand to know a) if the Milky Way will even be visible while you’re out shooting b) where the Milky Way will be in the sky in relation to your foreground subject and c) where the moon will be, what phase it will be in and whether or not it will help or hurt your view of the Milky Way.

The best way I’ve found to research all of this is an app for iOS and Android called Star Walk 2. So without getting too much into what Star Walk 2 is here, please watch this video I created in response to Karen’s question. Cheers!


  1. Great to know about this app. Your video was helpful to see its potential. I am often hesitant to get an app until I see how it works. This video does that for me. Have always been a fan of your 5 things Friday that you started a while back. You always find some interesting things to share. Thank you for thinking of us.

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