Ask James – Were You Popular In High School?

James, what were you like in high school? Did you keep to yourself or were you one of the “cool kids?”  Thanks for this series, it’s so interesting. Hope you’ll answer this one, just thought it’d be fun to know!Andrew J.

LOL, nice 🙂

Me starring dramatically into the future. Think I was around 18 when Kristin took this of me, lol.

Me starring dramatically into the future. Think I was around 18 when Kristin took this of me, lol.

No, not really. At my actual high school I just never really fit in anywhere. I always struggled to find a group of friends that I connected with. I never did any sports or anything, never did any school related activities at all. I went to a few parties and had a small group of friends toward the end that I hung out with, but it wasn’t anything that lasted after graduation. I really just kept to myself and tried to fly under the radar. And I guess I did a good job because I didn’t even get an invitation to my 10 year reunion, haha.

At church I was completely different, almost opposite. My family was one of the founding families of a now very large church in Argyle, TX called Cross Timbers Community Church. Since I was on the ground floor—even though I was still just an 8th grader at the time—I knew everyone. I was outgoing, confident and was friends with pretty much everyone in the youth group. Yep, pretty much the exact opposite as I was at school, ha. That’s where I met the love of my life, Kristin, too.

I always wanted to be “one of the cool kids” in school back then, but now I’m pretty happy I wasn’t. Being popular for most of the preps and jocks meant partying hard, drinking themselves into oblivion, doing all sorts of drugs (several kids I knew died in HS of drug overdoses or drug related tragedies) and many of them are still doing the same thing a decade after graduation. I avoided most of that, save for a couple parties here and there. I can also feel content in the fact that I’ll never be the guy trying to relive my “glory days” of high school or trying to push those days of “glory” on my children.



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