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What does a typical work day look like for you? And how many hours per week do you usually work? Thanks!Jacob M.

Note: This post was updated September 25th, 2015 because my daily routine has changed significantly. 

Ha, nice question ;-). Not sure how much detail you are wanting but I’ll do my best.

7am: Usually up around this time. I’ve always been a morning person since as far back as I can remember. I’ve never been able to sleep in til noon, no matter how late I stayed up the night before. I try to make breakfast within 30 minutes after waking up to kick start my metabolism. My breakfast for now is a Shakeology nutrition shake with a scoop of Amazing Grass Green SuperFood and a banana.

8am-9am: On most days I spend some time in the morning helping out with the kiddos. I cuddle up on the couch with Isaac and watch cartoons, eat breakfast or go out and make a coffee/breakfast run. Isaac has made it quite difficult to head out to my office now with comments like, “No Daddy, please don’t go to work,” and, “Daddy, please stay, I miss you so much!” Ugh, I can’t handle that stuff 🙂

9am-Noon: Catch up on emails, process some photos, get an image posted to social media channels and website.

Lunch: By the time lunch rolls around, I usually need to get out of the office and experience some kind of actual human contact. It’s funny, working from home is a dream for so many people, but we forget how much we depend on human interaction to keep us fueled from day to day. For this reason, lunch usually involves grabbing food at a restaurant (either by myself or with a friend) or having lunch inside with the family.

After Lunch: Once lunch is done it’s time to get a workout in. Right now I’m doing a hybrid P90X-3 and Insanity schedule. These are 30-60 minute workouts but they’re intense and kick my butt!

Rest of Work Day: After lunch, I just do whatever I can to knock out my to-do list. Write articles, plan upcoming trips/workshops, produce content like video tutorials, create newsletters or work on ebooks.

I usually end my work day between 3pm and 5pm. 5pm if I am slammed and just have a ton of work to do,  3pm if the things I have to do aren’t time sensitive or I just don’t feel like working anymore.

So by the time all is said and done, I probably put in between 30-40 hours per week on average. Sometimes less, very rarely more. I love what I do, so the 6 some odd hours a day go by like a flash. At the same time, I love my family even more and my kids are at an age where I don’t want to miss anything. They are growing up so fast and I want to cherish every moment I can.

Deviation From A “Typical” Day

Obviously, this is just a typical and/or ideal day. When I travel, things are much different.


I used to have pretty scattered days but I’ve gotten on a pretty good schedule over the past few months and am really loving it. I work out every day, no matter what. I drink shakes for breakfast every day, no matter what. Having this discipline in my life has spilled over into several other areas as well.

Ok, that’s enough honesty for one article 😉

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  1. I really thought that I was all by myself when it came to being (slightly) inconsistent and distracted. I am surely not a person who can do the same thing everyday and my brain is always in 20 other places than where it should be. Good to know that I am not an endangered species. This article makes me feel better!

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