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Welcome to a new section of my site I’m calling “Ask James!” I sent out a newsletter asking all my readers to send me questions relating to photography, business, family, work/life balance and all aspects of being a photographer in this day and age. That invitation is also open to anyone viewing this page (ie: YOU). Just fill out the form below and submit your question! My challenge for you is to ask a really good question! Questions like, “What aperture should I use to photograph a flower” probably won’t make the cut. Go deeper, ask the questions that really need answering. Unless it’s inappropriate, chances are I’ll answer it and post it to this page.

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  2. Hi James:
    Just a quick question…
    Is it true that if your camera carries two cards (a CF card and an SD card) the two cards have to be rated at the same speed or the camera will default to the lowest card speed for both cards?

    PS I can’t tell how excited I am to be joining you on the Southwest road trip!

    1. Author

      Brent, I’ve actually never heard that before but it makes sense especially if you’re using the second card to back up the images from the first. It would have to default to the slower on in that case it seems.

      Excited to have you as well, it’s going to be a blast!

  3. HI James
    read your tack sharp ebook.. awesome book
    please can you send me the link on how to change the back focus on the 550D canon camera
    i have activated the servo focusing..the single point AF but i am having trouble locating back focus button in the menu settings of my canon camera…
    would really appreciate your tip on this..
    thanks..your book has improved my shooting and knowledge of my canon..if not..i would never have known this

    1. Author

      Hey Gabriel, afraid I don’t have instructions specific to that camera. You should be able to go off the instructions for the other Canon cameras and look for similar menu options. Cheers!

    2. Hi Gabriel. I have 600d which should be the same as 550d to enable BBF.
      In menu go to Custom Functions ( C.Fn ) . Go to C.Fn IV No9 which is Operation/Others, Shutter/AE lock button and change from 0: AF/AE lock to 1: AE lock/AF. That will do the trick !

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