Since 2013 I have drastically reduced the number of client projects I take on in an effort to focus more on education, creating educational materials and leading workshops. I am still open to taking client work but I do not openly advertise for it or push it. Here are a few of the client projects I’m open to.


KatrinaBryce-266-X3While I still love shooting weddings, I can only manage to do a 1-2 (at the most) every year now (here’s a link to my wedding and portrait gallery). This means that the weddings I do choose to take on will pretty much have my full attention, instead of photographers who shoot 40-50 weddings a year and are just cranking out images every day. The best way to find out if I’m available for your wedding is to simply ask. Just send me a contact form and let me know as much information as possible about your day.

So what type of weddings and/or clients am I really looking for these days? Well, awesome ones! If you are a bride getting married at a destination location like the beach, in the mountains, on an island somewhere or across the pond in Europe…you will have my full attention. I’m a travel junkie and I will work with you to make this work. Of course, it will still depend on meeting you, the client, and making sure we will be a good match but that typically isn’t a problem at all!

Another thing that I’m really open to is clients who like to barter (rather than just ask for discounts). If you’ve got a condo somewhere in the world, miles on your airline credit card, connections at some awesome place or anything else that is totally unique…let’s talk!

*As of 2014, my base price for weddings is $5,800. That will include me and up to one other photographer if necessary, an engagement shoot (if needed) and usually around 250-350 images delivered digitally. Price will go down based on potential barters or up based on add-ons. 


1DS_6533-X3Portrait work includes photo sessions like engagements, bridals, families or just good ole lifestyle sessions. I do these even less than weddings nowadays but I like to keep the option available for friends, family and clients when I have some extra time. Just submit a contact form with your details and I’ll get back with you! And yes, I’m willing to travel for just about any reason under the sun. Just be willing to cover travel expenses and/or have a great reason to barter!

*As of 2014, portrait sessions start at $550 for a 1-2 hour shoot and 20-30 finished images. Price will go down based on potential barters or up based on add-ons.

Aviation Photography


I got my private pilot certificate back in 2012. Ever since my first lesson as a student, I’ve been passionate about aviation and everything that comes with it. Whether you’d like me to photograph your aircraft at an airport, organize an air-to-air shoot or need me travel for a large project — I will be very interested in working with you!

*Aviation photography pricing will vary based on the aircraft being photographed, the amount of images needed and how the aircraft needs to be photographed. Please contact me for more details. 

Commercial Work

Noble_3BainesI still have a few clients that I do commercial photography for on an “as needed” basis. These clients are marketing agencies, real estate companies, builders, etc. If you have a project with a budget for photography, let me know!

*Commercial photography prices change drastically based on the scale of the project, the amount of images needed and many other factors. Pricing for your project will happen during project negotiations.