This page exists to let you know a bit about how this site works. Most of this is common sense but the page is necessary for some of the stuff we do every now and then.

My name is James and this site is my outlet for sharing images and stories with the world about my photography and my life. From time to time I also do reviews of products and earn income from affiliate sales when people purchase those products through my site here. It’s a great way to pay for the time I spend to keep this blog looking great and the images looking even better :-). Coming to my website and purchasing items through affiliate links directly supports myself and my family. So thank you!

If you look over at the sidebar you’ll see some links to reviews and products that I use and promote. Take the Topaz Labs review for example. If you purchase the Topaz Labs Photoshop Bundle by clicking the link I have there on the page, I receive a small percentage of the total price of that product. The price doesn’t go up at all to cover my commission. In fact, the price goes down in most cases because I also provide a coupon code for most of these things, so it’s cheaper to buy it through the site here.

I will only put full reviews up for products that I really love and use. I don’t get paid up front to do these reviews and a company sending me a product doesn’t guarantee they will get a positive review. If the product is poor quality, I usually just won’t review it at all so as to not waste anyone’s time.

I also list a lot of products here and there that I receive absolutely no money for. I just promote them because it’s something I love and there is no easy way to generate income for it.

I’m not interested in accepting payment to promote a product that I don’t truly believe in. That would be a waste of your time here as a reader and I want you to enjoy your time here at the blog. I know a lot of you come here to not only see the images every day but to learn new things as well. I feel that if I’m not careful about this stuff, you won’t enjoy your time here as much, and that would be bad for all of us.

I do receive products and am happy to try them out and give feedback. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t guarantee a review but if I love the product you can count on one. If you’re a company and have a product you’d like me to try out, please send an email business(at) Please put ‘Product Review’ in the subject line and I will get back with you as soon as possible.