Geotagging with the Sony a7RIII. This is Awesome!

So last week I got my hands on the brand new Sony a7RIII. Since then, I’ve been diving head first into the settings and trying to wrap my head around everything it’s capable of. Long story short, this is the most incredible camera I’ve ever owned. But that should be the case right? Shouldn’t every new camera that comes out be the best camera that company has ever produced? Haha, anyway…

One of my favorite features of the a7RIII is the new way you can geotag photos. I’ve been a diehard geotagger (is that a term?) for years now because I believe knowing exactly where you stood when taking a photograph is a priceless piece of information to have, especially years after you took it. With the a7RIII, you can now link your iPhone (or Android) to your camera to automatically tag each photo you take with the GPS data from your phone. It’s a bit unintuitive to get it set up, but once you’re done it’s smooth sailing from there. Here’s how to get it set up…

Isn’t that amazing?! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Cheers!


  1. Trying your sequence on a Samsung Galaxy phone, I have paired the phone and camera, yet Sony Play Memories shows they are not connected and an exclamation mark is shown on Playmobile screen indicating a failed connection. When I read the PlayMobile connection guide it says ” Activate wifi function and scan QR code ” why its proposing wifi I do not know ?
    It appears to be possible that Samsung does not sync with bluetooth and needs wifi.
    I have looked around on the web and not found instructions for Android.
    Anyone with any helpful ideas it would be appreciated.

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