Germany Update: 2 Weeks Down, 2 to Go!

It’s been a crazy two weeks here in Germany. We’ve been going nonstop since we got here and I’ve barely had any time to process photos, much less share them. We’ve explored at least a half dozen castles, seen about three times as many, hiked through forests, walked the cobbled streets of small towns in both France and Germany, and we’re slowly getting the hang of life in Germany.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the places we’ve explored so far…

Here’s the crazy town of Heidelberg with Schloß Heidelberg guarding over it. The castle was first built in 1214 but has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the last handful of centuries. Our 40 minute drive (according to the GPS) to the castle took nearly two hours because of all the traffic in this town! It was insanity! Still, it was worth it. This castle was incredible and the view from the bridge was so beautiful at nautical twilight when all the lights came on.

Here’s a shot of Isaac and Levi exploring Schloß Rheinfels in St. Goar; the town we stayed at on the Rhine River. This castle was started in 1245 and although it’s the largest castle on Rhine, it once covered over five times the area it does now.

Isaac was quite excited to get locked into this pillory (a medieval public shaming device). What’s funny is that he could so easily just slip his hands and head out if he wanted, haha. I told him to make a super sad face for the camera.

The hotel we stayed at in Sankt Goar is there on the left. The Middle Rhine River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the busiest parts of Germany during high season. Lucky for us, this was considered off-season and we were literally the only people staying in the hotel. Walking around the streets of this ancient German town at night was so awesome.

How crazy is this view!? This was taken from one of the watchtowers at the castle in the next photo. We got to the Middle Rhine right at the peak of fall colors and it was simply gorgeous. I’m not sure why this is considered “off-season” because I’m pretty sure there’s not a more beautiful time of year to visit. The Middle Rhine is a gorge and all the towns are built right on the edge of the river, with vineyards covering the ridges and hills on both sides.

This is Schloß Rheinstein, built in 1316. This was my favorite because it was somewhat smaller in size and felt more like a house and less like a walled city. Of course, this house is literally built into a cliff, overlooks one of the most beautiful and strategic locations on the Rhine River, has it’s own church, and still produces wine grapes from 500 year old vines.

And finally, here’s a family portrait we took while hiking around in the black forest. We’re having a great time in Deutschland and can’t wait to see where we end up next 🙂 Spoiler alert: Paris.


  1. Great pix. When we took our first Rick Steves trip in 2005, our first stop was St. Goar. Very picturesque area, especially with the fall colors; hope to visit again soon.

    1. Cheers Tom! I didn’t know there were actual “Rick Steves trips” you could take, haha. We did decide to do the Rhine because of his video about it on YouTube though!

  2. Great photo stories. I’m so glad you were able to do this traveling with the kids. I’ll never regret following my Air Force Dad around the world as a kid.

  3. It’s a beautiful country for sure! When we got here it was absolutely breathtaking, although now it’s quite cold and mostly rainy, haha. Would love to come back in the spring or summer.

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