ON1 Photo Kit: Sunsets & Night Skies with James Brandon

I’ve been an avid ON1 user for the better part of the last decade, back when they just made plugins for Photoshop. It’s been fun watching them evolve over the years into a full fledged competitor to the Lightroom/Photoshop workflow. I’ve worked with ON1 closely for years now and our latest collaboration is my new ON1 Photo Kit.

A Photo Kit is a small bundle of products that ON1 offers through their website, created by different photographers each time. I wanted my Photo Kit to be as valuable as possible with products that would legitimately and noticeably improve the photography of anyone who purchases it. To do this, I wanted to cover each phase of taking a great landscape photograph: planning your trip, getting the shot in the field, and processing the image from start to finish. So here’s how I set out to accomplish that goal…

Planning Your Trip

For this phase, I included my eBook Sunset & Beyond: A Photographers Guide to Sunset, Twilight, and the Night Sky. This eBook is a field guide to planning your landscape trips and photos. It goes over camera settings for each phase of twilight and night, info on weather patterns and using satellite imagery and forecasts to predict sunsets and sky conditions, how to use apps like Star Walk to plan your Milky Way photographs, and much more.

Getting the Shot in the Field

For this phase, you’ll get my eBook Tack Sharp: A Step by Step Guide to Nailing Focus. This eBook will take through every trick in the book for getting sharper images and drastically improving your ratio of keepers/throwaways. Everything from back button focus, to focus tracking, to focus stacking, to lens sweet spots, tripod selection, and step by step instructions for setting things up on your camera.

Processing Your Images

Here’s where ON1 Photo RAW 2017 comes in. I created a brand new video course specifically for this Photo Kit. It contains 5 videos, each covering a new image where I process it from start to finish completely within ON1 Photo RAW 2017. You’ll see my complete workflow using the Browse, Develop, Layers, and Effects panels.

On top of that, you’ll get 40 presets to use inside ON1 Develop and ON1 Effects. 20 for each module.

How to Get This Photo Kit

Just head to the ON1 Photo Kit page to learn more and purchase. The value of this bundle is right at $120 but through August 31st you can get it for $49.99.