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This review has been updated for the recent release of the new Perfect Photo Suite 7. This new release from onOne is a major upgrade and I think it’s their best yet.

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Before we get into this review, be sure to head over to the onOne website and download a trial version of the new PPS6. That way you can follow along and see for yourself how great this product is! If you decide to purchase it, be sure to use the coupon code JAMESBRANDON at check out to receive a sweet sweet discount.

onOne Perfect Photo Suite Review

onOne Software has been a major player in the world of digital photography for quite some time now. They basically started out as a plug-in company that catered only to Photoshop users. Even then, their plug-ins were incredible and well worth the investment. The suite used to cost upwards of around $699 and came in close to the price of Photoshop itself. Well, with the release of the late PPS6, onOne dropped the price to $299 for a bigger and better suite and Photoshop is no longer even necessary for some photographers! This is a HUGE deal and will open up a whole new world of possibilites to those who can’t afford or don’t prefer Photoshop.

The reason behind this shift away from being tied down to Photoshop is the recent release of Perfect Layers. This program basically simulates the bare essentials of Photoshop (ie layers, masking, brushes and blend modes) and allows photographers to now use the entire suite of products inside of Perfect Layers. This is, however, only possible when using the suite outside of Photoshop in program like Lightroom, Aperture or on it’s own. Each program is a a stand alone plug-in inside of Photoshop because why would you want to limit the capabilities of Photoshop if you have it? Makes sense.

The suite is made up Perfect Portrait, Perfect Layers, Perfect Effects, Perfect Mask, Perfect Resize, FocalPoint and now the all new Perfect Black and White. I’ve been waiting and waiting for onOne to come out with a B&W plugin to compete with Nik and they’ve finally done it!

Video Screencasts of PPS7 In Action

Here’s a screencast I did for onOne’s Perfect B&W showing my workflow as I edit an image of my son Isaac :-). The program is incredibly powerful and versatile and creating presets could not be easier.

Here’s one that I made onOne’s website of yes, yet another image of Isaac! This one is a bit different though. I started in Perfect B&W, then went into Focal Point to add some subtle selective focus, then went into Perfect Resize to prep the image for print. I then printed the photo out on my Epson printer and the photo is now framed and sitting on a shelf in our living room.

What I Love About Perfect Photo Suite 7 – James Brandon from onOne Software on Vimeo.

And here’s the grand finale. This is a full length, start to finish and quite in depth video of me editing and blending together three different exposures using Lightroom, onOne PPS7 and Photoshop. No HDR software needed! You’ll see a lot of little tips and tricks and secrets that I’ve learned and use on a daily basis. Hope you enjoy!