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Peak Design Slide Summit Edition Review

First off, here’s a quick (4 minute) video review of the camera strap that goes over why I got it and how it works. If you want to read into some of the finer details, keep scrolling past the video afterward.


I only put reviews on this site for products I use on a regular basis. I may try out a new product from time to time, but I won’t put a review up unless it makes it to my camera bag or into my daily or travel routine. I’m also never paid to do these reviews. Certain companies may send me products to try (this one didn’t) but I never guarantee them a review unless I enjoy the product and continue to use it. I do make the products that I review available for sale and when possible I will use an affiliate link. If you purchase the product I will get a small percentage of the sale, which I am truly grateful for since it will support this blog and ultimately, my family. Thank you!

Where To Buy

Peak Design Website: Use coupon code jamesb at checkout for a sweet discount!

Peak Design Slide Summit Edition Review

Slide camera strapWhen I got my Black Rapid camera strap years and years ago, it felt like one of the greatest advancements in camera accessories that I had ever experienced. It totally changed the camera strap game. Black Rapid was a perfect fit both in the way it fit and because I used a Manfrotto tripod. This meant I could use their Manfrotto plate attachments to clip to my strap, which meant quick transitions between the camera being at my side and on a tripod.

In December (or somewhere around there) of 2013, I finally made the jump to Really Right Stuff tripods, which still to this day is (in my opinion) the absolute best tripod money can buy. The problem is, to really get the full benefit of RRS tripods, you need to also use their l-plates which attach to your camera bodies. The l-plates take over the opening at the bottom for your tripod plates, which creates quite a significant problem for Black Rapid camera straps. Because of this, I went through a period of nearly 2 years where I just didn’t use a camera strap any more. If I went out and about, I’d just carry the camera in my hand, which wasn’t a huge deal since switching to Sony.

What made me finally try Peak Designs new Slide camera straps was a trip to Disney World we took as a family this past September. I knew I’d be walking 20,000+ steps per day the entire time, so hand holding the camera just wasn’t an option.

First Impressions

peak design slide quality

The first thing I noticed when I tried on the Slide was the build quality. It’s just exquisitely designed, which is what the folks over at Peak Design are known for now. Design is one of the things I never really cared for with the Black Rapid straps. They just felt a little off I suppose.

The main difference between Black Rapid and Peak Design is that BR has one connection point to the camera and the camera slides up and down independently from the strap, while Peak Design has two connection points and the entire strap rotates around as you pull the camera up.


Impressions After Several Months

slide-review-3Since getting my first Slide strap, I’ve used it in Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Maine and California. I haven’t had any issues yet, and I think that has a lot to do with the design quality of the strap. I love using this strap when just walking around with my camera, and it’s equally great for hikes and adventures.

Since getting my first Slide for the Disney World trip I’ve purchased two more. I have both the Summit Edition and the regular Slide strap and they are all great. The main difference with the Summit Edition is the optional colors and leather ends which just add a bit more quality.

Impressions From Others

People seem to either love or hate the Slide strap. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s because, admittedly, the Black Rapid system where the camera rotates up independently from the strap is such a great design. People have a hard time giving that up and the Slide strap does look more like a traditional strap. The difference though is in the name; in its ability to slide so easily to a shooting position just like a Black Rapid.


This strap is great. It’s so easy to put on and take off, the design quality is just top notch, it looks great, it performs flawlessly. Would I ditch it if Peak Design were to release an independently sliding strap like Black Rapid which could also work with my RRS tripod? Absolutely. But not if it requires extra attachments.

If you have any questions, let me know if the comments below!

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