POST 2 Now Available!

From the day I began photographing landscapes, I’ve been on a never-ending quest to master post processing. I’ve spent countless hours in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop learning and experimenting with different methods to make my images look the way I want them to look. While Lightroom is an incredibly valuable and powerful tool, I’ve found that it can only get my images about 75% of the way to the finish line, and Photoshop is what gets them through that last 25%.

In POST 2, I continue what I started in the first POST course: Showing my entire workflow, from start to finish, with a new collection of travel images from around the world. Each image was carefully chosen from my portfolio to show a wide variety of techniques throughout the course. Each video ranges from 8:00 to 30:00 (depending on the difficulty) and you’ll have access to the original RAW files so you can follow along each step of the way.

POST 2 Course




  • 10 start to finish post-processing videos covering 10 different images
  • 1.74 GB, 3 hours 55 minutes 43 seconds
  • Contains RAW files for each image to use alongside videos
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