Tack Sharp: A Step By Step Guide To Nailing Focus (4th Edition)


Tack Sharp is the ebook that started it all for my path as a photography educator. It has sold tens of thousands of copies on six different continents and is now in it's fourth edition!

Version 4 now includes tack sharp settings for the Sony mirrorless system as well as several brand new sections like hyperfocal distance, focus stacking, lens sweet spots and tons of fresh, new images.

If you have ever struggled with getting consistently sharp images, this book will completely revolutionize your ability as a photographer. 



  • Learn the art of consistently nailing focus on your images
  • Discover custom functions that have been hiding right within your cameras menu settings
  • Say goodbye to the frustrations of blurry, unusable images

More About Tack Sharp

Getting consistently sharp images on a camera can be tricky. Especially if you’re utilizing the factory settings on a Digital SLR. Achieving tack sharp images is a culmination of techniques and custom function that are sometimes cleverly hidden inside your cameras menu settings. Tack Sharp was written for anyone who has ever struggled with getting sharp images in different situations. Maybe you recently purchased a fast lens, but can’t figure out why the camera keeps focusing on the wrong part of the subject. Or perhaps you feel as if you’re doing everything right but still come out with slightly soft images. This process can be extremely frustrating and hard to deal with. Within the pages of this ebook, you’ll discover the tips and tricks used by the pros to take full control over the advanced systems of focus within today’s digital camera systems. Along the way you’ll see actual examples of images where these practices were put in place, often times in situations where focus would have been next to impossible to achieve otherwise. If you struggle with getting consistently sharp images then look no further, this ebook is for you!


Specific Settings For Different Cameras

One of the most common questions I get in emails and in response to my ebook is people wanting to know how to set up back button focus, Servo and other settings I go over in my ebook on their specific camera. Whether they have an Olympus, a Nikon, a Sony or even a different Canon camera it’s really not feasible for me to go rent every camera on the market to return these emails with instructions. So I’m asking my readers to help me out! If you’ve bought my ebook and applied the tips to your camera (different than a 5D Mark II) and would be willing to submit specific instructions for your camera, please email me at contact(at)james-brandon(dot)com. I’ll have a specific list of settings to fill out for your specific camera so that each different camera will have the same information available. Then, as the instructions come in, I’ll include them below as links for each camera. Thanks everyone! Canon 5D Mark II Canon Rebel T3i Nikon D800