Rotation | Breckenridge, TX Supercell

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day. My buddy +Mike Mezeul did an incredible job with the forecast, putting us within minutes of this storm right as it fired. We were able to watch it grow to maturity and got beneath this behemoth of a wall cloud as it tried everything it could to drop a tornado. This would have been a good area for it to, with no homes or structures in sight. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough low level shear so the rotation couldn’t get tight enough.

Still, it was an incredibly beautiful storm that later produced at least a couple rain wrapped tornadoes including a brief wedge. By that time, it had moved into quite terrible terrain.

I was pretty stoked to capture this lightning strike at 1/100th of a second too. No lightning trigger BTW 😉

Rotatin Wall Cloud Near Breckenridge Texas