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Kauai Photo Adventure

January 18-23, 2018 | SOLD OUT


Death Valley National Park

March 2-6, 2018 | SOLD OUT


Arches and Canyonlands

July 12-16, 2018 | SOLD OUT


Banff and the Canadian Rockies

September 10-15, 2018 | COMING SOON


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About My Workshops

Photography workshops should be an amazing, paradigm shifting experience; something you will remember and cherish forever. Workshops should advance your knowledge and ability to create images exponentially. With that in mind, I’ve done everything I can to design the type of workshop that I myself would be thrilled to attend. A lot of photography workshops out there are more like tours, where you pay to photograph some awesome place with a well known photographer. You get there and the photographer puts you at a good location but then you’re pretty much on your own. I don’t think I’d ever want to attend a workshop like that. My workshops are designed to give students a hands-on approach to creating beautiful images in both the field and in the art of post processing. When we get to a beautiful location, I’m not going to disappear in search of my own shots; I’ll be right beside you, helping you make the most out of what’s in front of your camera. Additionally, you won’t be herded from place to place like cattle in a large group. I keep the groups small and intimate and the schedule full and intensive.

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Alumni Testimonials

Karen Filo

Workshops Attended: Big Island, Southwest, Kauai

“I first joined one of James’ photography workshops in 2015 and have since been on two more. I love the safe, group environment where just about everything is looked after for you – all you need to do is book your flights, pack your bags and turn up!

As an educator, James is my ‘go to’ guy. I have used a number of his ebooks and online courses – his teaching style just suits me. Having a witty, knowledgeable and supportive host, where no question is a silly question, always makes for a fun and educational experience. And in-car entertainment is thrown in for free! ;)”

George Schrenk

Workshops Attended: Death Valley, Eastern Sierras, Moab, Hawaii

“I’ve had the pleasure of joining James on three workshops so far with a fourth already booked. Having previously traveled thru Death Valley, I knew first-hand how photogenic and challenging the area is. My experience went far beyond my expectations! It was exceptional. James is a masterful photographer who works exceptionally well with his students and co-instructors. His expertise afforded me the opportunity to polish and refine my skills while photographing this exceptional landscape. His advanced ground-work in scouting the best sites and views for us to photograph greatly enhanced the experience. My initial experience with James was fun, informative, and flawless. I know of no better way to photograph the beautiful areas he has selected for his trips except to join him!”

Kirit Vora M.D.

Workshops Attended: Moab, Death Valley

“Early this summer I came across a blog post about a photo workshop with James Brandon. I jumped at it and signed up because, ever since I had seen Peter Lik’s Gallery in Las Vegas, I was smitten by one particular image of Mesa Arch that was for sale at the cost of an average home. I wanted to take that image on my own and hang it in my home. The workshop was amazing. Both James and his co-instructor Mike are very accomplished photographers and complement each other well. Very helpful in every way and very friendly and fun to be with. The group was great! I shot about a thousand images which included the one I came for, which is now hanging above my dining room table! I learned a lot and feel that I am a better photographer. I will go back in a heart beat.”

Richard Davis

Workshops Attended: Death Valley, Ozark Fall Colors

“I enjoyed my first workshop so much, I’ve already booked another!

The small group size allows James to really spend time with each student and it also means the workshop can be flexible to maximize the shooting opportunities.

I’ve been taking photographs for over 30 years but thanks to James I’ve started making photographs and that is far more satisfying.”

Ed Quigley

Workshops Attended: Banff

“James is amazing; he’s 31 years old, and besides being an incredible photographer, he also plays guitar, practices jiu jitsu a few times a week, is a husband and father of 2, runs these workshops, is working on 2 instructional videos for LightRoom and PhotoShop, writes articles for a couple of companies, and, oh yeah, also has his private pilot’s license. It makes me believe that time runs much slower for the young’uns! And on top of that, he’s a nice guy, and very personable! On a couple of days, after lunch, we all got together in the lobby of the lounge, and worked on some of our photos in LightRoom and Photoshop, and James was more than helpful.

All of my previous “expeditions” had been, in my usual style. . . improvised; where ever I was, whenever I was, that’s what I shot. I have no idea of how much time James put into preparing for this workshop, but he seamlessly transported us from one gorgeous site to another, and I simply can’t imagine a more organized workshop. I fully intend to accompany him again, and we plan on making my Iceland dream a reality in the next year or two. And on my own shoots, I think that I’ve learned that preparation is probably more than half of what makes a good photographer, so researching places will be a new endeavor! And, again, thanks, James, for yet another valuable lesson!

If you’re interested in the “day by day” of that workshop, and some of the resulting photos, feel free to visit: http://sonofabeach-beacher.blogspot.com/

Taffy E Raphael Ph.D.

Workshops Attended: Death Valley

“James’s landscape workshop, held in Death Valley National Park, was exactly what I needed. The 4 days were filled with opportunities to learn and practice the art of landscape photography. He planned at least three photo walks a day, around three types of lighting (sunrise, sunset, night sky) in a range of geographic settings within the park — including a ghost town with wonderful old structures.

There’s enough down time to download photos and engage in a little processing, but not so much that it would take away from the actual photographic opportunities throughout the park.

By the end of the course, I had a good jump start on using Lightroom for post processing RAW files and an overview of the capabilities Photoshop has to offer and sufficient photos that 3 months later, I’m still working on them!”

Wayne Gresser

Workshops Attended: Moab

“Every aspect of James’s workshop far exceeded my expectations. The experience was so much more than simply a photography workshop; it was an amazing adventure! I learned a lot about photography, captured some amazing images and really appreciated his ability to put everyone at ease. Even more memorable though, was the adventure aspect of the trip; the wild weather, the crazy hours and all the laughter we shared.

Thanks for such an inspiring week at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks! I will definitely see be back again at a future workshop!”